Yes, there is enough clearance space on the adjustable piece for all coupler styles to fit all three hitch ball sizes.

Yes, the 3-ball system is completely independent and interchangeable. You can tow with one or two balls installed. 

There are two hitch ball pins that are inserted on the inside of the adjustable section that slide completely through the center of the ball until they are flush to the other end of the adjustable section. Download installation sheet here

There are select models that come with a carrying case. They are found in retail stores only.

Yes, each model comes with two keyed-alike locking hitch pins and a standard pin to secure the hitch mount to your vehicle and prevent theft.

The maximum weight resting on the trailer tongue should be no more than 10% of ball rating (if the ball is rated at 12,000 lbs. the tongue weight should not exceed 1,200 lbs.)

1-7/8” ball: 5,000 lb. GTWR

2” ball: 7,500 lb. GTWR

2-5/16” ball: 12,000 lb.  GTWR

The receiver hitch size for our standard models is 2” receivers. We have a 2.5” receiver option for oversized trucks (Model# UT625810 & UT653910)

Yes, you can turn the drop piece to a rise position

Yes, you can turn the drop under the hitch, so it doesn’t stick out of the receiver.

We have a premium 6” drop all stainless-steel version with stainless steel hitch balls and locks and black anodized aluminum. Model #UT623800

Yes, you can call our customer service phone line at 1-800-545-9633 or email us at [email protected] and we can help you get new hitch balls or locks ordered.

If you use an adaptor, the locking pins will fit on your 2.5” receiver. If you don’t want to use an adaptor, we also have a 2.5” receiver option for oversized trucks (Model# UT625810 & UT653910)

Aluma-Tow hitches are made in China to Uriah’s strict specifications and design.

For detailed diagrams showing product dimensions, please click or tap here.


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