The Aluma-Tow brand is a line of aluminum adjustable hitch mounts for everyday towing jobs. This product was invented and patented by Mr. Don Jacobs, the co-founder and General Manager of Uriah Products LLC®. The Aluma-Tow is our fastest and best-selling product line to date, and we are proud to be giving our consumers a quality and affordable product backed up by excellent customer service.

We are excited to continue to bring new models and accessories to the market as we grow and look forward to continuing to grow the Aluma-Tow brand across North America. 

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Our Promise & Dedication

Uriah Products is committed to being a leader in the towing and trailer industry. The Aluma-tow adjustable hitch product line is a prime example of our commitment to providing our customers with top-quality products with practical features built-in that alleviate consumer problems. We promise to continue to deliver new and innovative products that help our customer tow safely and quickly whether they are leaving the construction site for the day or pulling into the boat landing for a long day of fishing.

We keep our customers at the front of our business and promise to leave you completely satisfied with our products. If you have ideas for ways we could improve, let us know. Your feedback helps us to achieve our goal of giving you the best towing hitch on the market backed by top-notch customer service.