Aluma Tow Step


Allows 90 degree swivel to use the step from the side of the mount while a trailer is connected to the vehicle.

Aluma-Tow Step

This Aluma-Tow accessory swivel step with added LED brake light is specifically designed to fit the Aluma-Tow family of adjustable Aluminum ball mounts. It’s made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy with a rubberized tread plate on both the upper and lower side of the step. It also comes with a 24″ long 4-flat extension loop to illuminate the brake light. It has a 500 lb. weight rating and can be installed on the upper section of the adjustable ball holder or the lower section. This step is the only step on the market that allows you to hook up a trailer AND have the step available to use as well. Simply install the step in the lower ball mounting hole, pull the pin and clip, swivel the step 90 degrees and reinstall the pin and clip. You can now use the step when the trailer is attached to the hitchball in the upper mounting hole.


  • Made in China
  • 30 Day Parts Warranty