Aluma-Tow Hook


Introducing the Aluma-Tow Hook Accessory – the ultimate towing solution for your hitch mount. With easy installation, secure attachment, and a high weight capacity, this corrosion-resistant hook handles heavy loads with confidence. Experience the strength, reliability, and convenience of the Aluma-Tow Hook Accessory and elevate your towing experience today.

Aluma-Tow Hook

This Aluma-Tow accessory hook is made exclusively for all Aluma-Tow models. With a 7,500 lb. pulling weight rating it’s perfect for pulling stumps, fence posts or other objects form the ground. It can also be used to pull a vehicle from a ditch or other places where vehicles can get stuck. It’s chrome plated to resist corrosion.


  • Pull Up to 7,500 lbs
  • Heavy-duty forged steel with chrome finish 
  • Made in China
  • 30 Day Parts Warranty